Our Story

Our story begins with work that began over 20 years ago in the field of food packaging. It was a business that looked to meeting the needs of the market and consumers without thinking about harms to our bodies, to society, or to future generations.

In the recent past, many companies marketed organic products to an eager consumer base; however, many of these products over time became unavailable on the market because of their high cost, limited production, and or the lack of seller credibility. It was clear that a strong reliable choice needed to be made available to consumers for high-quality organic products that are free of chemicals additives and preservatives. In order to fill this need and also to become more health-centered, our company became “Dr. Organic”.

In order to meet all your different needs and tastes, Dr. Organic has begun to produce products one at a time careful to provide safe organic products to you, our consumers. We registered Dr. Organic as our trademark to reflect our message and our goal—to provide organic products that are tested by highly qualified specialists in their field. In order to do this, the best Turkish farms and factories known for the quality of their production and crops were sought out. These businesses are subject to strict controls by competent authorities in the Turkish government.

Believing in the role of technology for reaching the greatest number of people interested in good health and with the continuous increase in the number of those shopping online, we, at Dr. Organic, have launched this website. We hope you can share with us the second part of our story and our journey. And that starts with you making suggestions, requests, and comments that can help us provide you with better service and products. In addition to being a devoted customer through our website, we also welcome new business partnerships. We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to the world of Dr. Organic. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience.